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Artwork created by Don Woodard includes Relief Wood Sculptures and 3-Dimensional Paintings. All of his work is first sculpted from wood, then either finished naturally with a clear sealer or painted and stained. You may also order a commissioned piece of any subject matter or scene that you prefer. Image-True Prints™ are photographic reproductions of original works of art, printed via the state-of-art dye-sublimation process onto aluminum panels. These prints are an ideal means for presenting prints of oil paintings, acrylic and watercolor paintings, photography, and relief wood sculptures.

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"Acts of Valor"

In great respect and gratitude to Congressional Medal of Honor recipients and their brave acts of courage, Don Woodard created a relief wood sculpture titled, "Acts of Valor." This work of art will be signed by each of the recipients in attendance at the 2017 Medal of Honor Convention, and will be auctioned as a fund raiser during the Convention, September 12-16, 2017 in Pueblo, Colorado.

Acts Of Valor

The scenes represented in "Acts of Valor" depict various acts taken by members of our military, for which they were awarded the Medal of Honor. These acts were selected after reviewing numerous recipient citations, and although no one person's actions was chosen, acts that had some similarity by several recipients are represented.

"Acts of Valor" was unveiled to the general public in Denver in January 2017, and after looking at the work-of-art, a number of people were brought to tears. Many veterans were very impressed and thanked Don for creating this relief wood sculpture. It was an honor for Don to do, and it is the most detailed relief wood sculpture that he has created yet, taking over 180 hours to complete. Learn more...

Here are some other examples of my work...

Pier Carving to Enlarge

You may also enjoy viewing the very picturesque photos taken during a few of our many packhorse trips through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, which has been the subject matter for many of Don Woodard's artwork.

To view the photos, click here Ride the Rockies.

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