About Don Woodard

Don Woodard is a representational artist with a unique ability to create by hand, very detailed, 3-Dimensional Paintings and Relief Wood Sculptures of scenes, landscapes, people and wildlife.

“The western themed scenes depicted in my Original works of art are influenced by events and situations that I have experienced first-hand, either during the many pack-horse trips, or time spent as a wilderness guide and elk hunting guide in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, or on cattle round-ups and brandings in South Dakota.”

Raised in Colorado, he has traveled extensively throughout the country, but loves the western lifestyle. Don enjoys riding both horses and motorcycles, and bringing friends into the Rocky Mountains.

He became interested in sculpting wood many years ago after visiting a studio in Silver Dollar City, MO. Although he purchased his first set of sculpting tools shortly thereafter, he didn’t begin serious sculpting wood until approximately 1997. Sculpting wood started as only a hobby, but it didn’t take long to realize that a natural talent had been lying dormant for most of his life.

Fighting Bulls

He has begun using his art education and painting background to now offer another level to his fine art, recognized as 3-Dimensional Paintings. Every Original 3-Dimensional Painting is sculpted first, then creatively painted with watercolors and stains, then seal-coated.

His background includes over 35 years of designing and building trade show and visitor center exhibits and 8 years as a sign painter. He studied fine art, commercial art and architecture at both the University of Colorado and the University of Hawaii. He does sign is art work as “Moke” a nickname he acquired playing recreational football in Hawaii (and the name many of his friends still call him today).

Prior to founding Blue Goose Exhibits, Inc. he was a NASCAR sanctioned racecar driver and also enjoyed racing on dirt tracks throughout the country. Don has been married to Carol since 1973. They enjoy spending time with their grown children, their grandchildren, and their family dog.

Just for fun, I have included several very picturesque photos taken during a few of our many pack horse trips through the Rocky Mountains, creating the subject matter for many of my western themed works of art.”

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Don Woodard
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