Custom 3-Dimensional Paintings and Relief Wood Sculptures by Don Woodard

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You can have your memories, dreams or fantasies captured in 3-Dimensional Paintings or Relief Wood Sculptures, to be enjoyed by you, your family, friends, and acquaintances.” Simply provide photos of your favorite images, such as; your home, vacation spot, family, friends, pets, memorable events, or fantasy. From wildlife to airplanes, if you enjoy it, Don will be happy to create it as a work of art.

The 3-Dimensional Paintings and Relief Wood Sculptures are designed to hang on a wall, same as a traditional painting. They may also be created to be inserted into coffee or end tables, used as cabinet door inlays, mounted to fireplace mantels, displayed under counter or bar tops, mounted to furniture or wherever else your mind can imagine. We don’t recommend mounting our works of art outside.

Every Custom 3-Dimensional Painting is sculpted first, then creatively painted with watercolors and stains, then seal-coated. The Relief Wood Sculptures are finished naturally with a clear wood sealer, then selectively coated with hardwood floor wax.

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Creating 3-Dimensional fine art is Don’s vision and passion!

Don Woodard
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