Original 3-Dimensional Paintings and
Relief Wood Sculptures

Don’s Original 3-Dimensional Paintings and Relief Wood Sculptures are created by hand and influenced by events that have occurred during his lifetime. “The landscape, people, lifestyle, and wildlife of the western states have inspired me to immortalize many of my favorite subjects in my artwork.” Each of the 3-D Paintings and relief sculptures has a story behind it…just ask! Don is well known for his adventurous stories.


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Every Original 3-Dimensional Painting is sculpted first, then creatively painted with watercolors and stains, then seal-coated. The Relief Wood Sculptures are finished naturally with a clear wood sealer, then selectively coated with hardwood floor wax. All of Don's artwork is designed to hang on a wall, same as a traditional painting. We don’t recommend mounting our "original" works of art outside.

Creating 3-Dimensional fine art is Don’s vision and passion!

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