I am proud to announce that my artwork, Swimming Hole, has won a 2021 American Art Award, juried by America’s 25 Best Galleries & Museums, in the “Innovative” category.

Swimming Hole is a bas-relief that I created in 2020. It is a mixed media wood sculpture in the “Awesome Sunset” series. This piece reflects an ideal place to beat the heat during hot and dry summers, which are becoming more and more common in Colorado.

Unfortunately, the site of Swimming Hole is only located in my head and does not really exist. However, the background rock formation was inspired from a photo Dennis Bennett took at the Upper Falls at Old Man’s Cave in Ohio. You may notice the sand beach in the lower right hand corner; it is actual sand adhered to the carving.

What do you think about when you see Swimming Hole? I hope it evokes a warm memory or inspires a future adventure.