Many years ago, when I was just starting to carve wood, I was in my garage working on a piece when my daughter walked in and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was carving a picture of the Grand Tetons. She asked where that was, and I explained that it was in northwest Wyoming, and showed her the unfinished carving. She said that it looked “cool” and asked if we had ever been there. I told her that I had been there but she hadn’t yet, so she asked if we could go there for our family vacation.

Well, we did go there for our vacation that summer, and in those days, I used to set up a table behind the motorhome and carve at campsites. Turns out, I finished carving Grand Tetons & Mormon Roll Barn in the campground, in front of the Grand Tetons.

I hung this bas-relief, mixed media artwork in my office at my exhibit company for a number of years. One day, my Dad visited my office and mentioned how much he liked that carving. Well for Christmas that year, I wrapped it up and gave it to him, and it hung in the entryway of his home until his passing. It now hangs in my home and will never be for sale, but Image-True™ Prints (metal prints) are available in multiple sizes.