The last artwork of my Pack-Horse Adventure collection is titled Creek Crossing. A funny story was the inspiration behind this piece…

…A good friend of mine from Texas joined us a few years ago for our annual pack-horse trip. As we were riding up the trail, he asked if he could lead the pack-horse. Certainly, I was happy to let him.
So after some instructions on what to do (i.e. – making a loop in the lead rope to place over the saddle horn to help pull the pack-horse should he get lazy and fall behind), I let the Texan take the lead.
As we climbed the mountain, we came upon a small creek about 3 feet wide. As my friend’s horse started to step over the water for the creek crossing, the pack-horse hesitated, so instead of placing the loop over the saddle horn, my Texan friend wrapped the lead rope around the saddle horn.
His horse stepped over the creek, then turned sideways and the pack-horse stopped on the other side of the creek. Consequently, my friend’s saddle was pulled to the side of his horse and he was dumped right in the creek. Perfect landing with a big splash! 
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