Well, Packhorse Rodeo is finally finished! It is one of the more complex artworks that I have created in the past two years. This is a mixed media, bas relief artwork, and if you look closely, you will see that the horses are tied together with a rope. The horse in the foreground actually did get his front leg tangled up in the rope and it was a bit of a challenge to get him settled down and freed up without getting kicked.

To read the “Story Behind the Artwork,” see my blog post from December 2021: Packhorse Rodeo.

Here it is in progress:

Packhorse rodeo in progress | Don Woodard Artwork

The finished artwork measures 20.75”h. x 24”w. and the custom frame measures 27.25”h. x 30”w. Yes, Packhorse Rodeo is finally finished! I have also created a separate collection I’ve named the Packhorse Adventure Collection. View all six pieces here and read their “Story Behind the Artwork.”

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