Pack-Horse Adventure Collection

About the Pack-Horse Adventure pictures:

Don Woodard has been leading pack-horse trips into the Rocky Mountain Wilderness for about 40 years. He has extensive experience riding in the mountains and has seen pristine wilderness country few people have ever seen. The pictures included in this gallery are taken from various pack-horse trips over the years. A number of good friends have been a part of these adventures, and each ride into the mountains has different experiences and create new memories.

Many of the artworks created by Don have been inspired from events that have occurred during these rides. From scenes of wildlife, to western themes (and mis-adventures), to landscapes, they all have been experienced in person.

Olaf Wieghorst Museum and Western Heritage Center states: 


“Award winning artist and sculptor Don Woodard combines carving and color to produce visual and functional art with western and wildlife themes. Like Olaf, Don’s art is influenced by events and situations experienced first-hand.”